TRANSITION™ Boluses are available in two sizes:

  • 88 gram (22 g Ca) – ideal for Jersey cows
  • 176 gram (44 g Ca)

TRANSITION™ Boluses are to be given immediately after calving, and again 12 hours after calving. Be sure to read the TRANSITION™ Boluses label for proper use directions.

88 g Bolus 176 g Bolus
Immediately after calving 2 boluses 1 bolus
12 hours after first administration 2 boluses 1 bolus

All TRANSITION™ Boluses are packed in individual inserts. Please use product immediately after insert removal.

  1. Insert flat end of the bolus snugly into an appropriate bolus gun (V-Grip™ Bolus Gun from Genesis Instruments recommended)
  2. Point rounded end toward the cow
  3. Insert bolus gun into the back of cow’s mouth and deposit the bolus, allowing the animal to swallow
  4. After administration, allow water access

Do not use excessive force, nor give to cows that are lying down, aggressive cows or cows without a normal swallowing reflex.